Trading Mercator Stories (TMS) is a locative media project set up around the multicultural neighbourhood of the Baarsjes in Amsterdam. It provides the Baarsjes community with an opportunity to create a media portrait of their own neighbourhood, offering them a platform where they can experience and exchange stories.

The final result is a location aware narrative experience, which takes place through GPS enabled smart-phones in and around Mercator Square.

Visitors will find themselves engaged in a treasure hunt, looking for stories and places in the real streets of De Baarsjes, discovering this multicultural and lively neighbourhood.

Saturday, 2nd of june 2007

Presentation at the Public Library Mercatorplein at 13.00
Fattoria Mediale boot on Mercatorplein from 14.00 onwards

Visit the TMS website:
Trading Mercator Stories

The project is funded by:
Amsterdam Foundation of the Arts
Digital Pioneers Funding Programme

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