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InsideOut seminar


The Trading Mercator Stories (TMS) project is a place based narrative experience that combine stories and places through a location aware mobile display platform. The aim of the TMS project is to communicate the atmosphere, characters, personality and needs of the Baarsjes, a specific urban neighbourhood of Amasterdam, charcterised by it multicultural population and media reputation. By interpreting the community's voice, anecdotes and local colour, we intend to portray the neighbourhoods stories from the grassroots as opposed to the big-issue histories reported by books and tour guides.We aim to interpret the complex fabric of the neighbourhood and uncover its rich and vibrant multicultuturalism despite its disadvantaged reputation. Through this project we intend to provide the audience (residents as well as visitors) with an impression of the neighbourhood different from a guided tour led by a person or suggested by a book, fostering and supporting social debate and interest in the area and eventually aimed towards stimulating community disucussion and awareness as well as a different kind of tourism designed for multicultural and possibly disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

Trading Mercator Stories video's are made by:

Can Oskay, Adem Ozkaya, Hajar Makboul, Youssri Daoudi, Oguz Aogan, Erwin Adriaens (Workshop by Shivalinge)

Lotje Terra, Manon Peters, Floortje Zonneveld, Fem Petraeus, Beer van Geer, Simon Muskitta (Students HKU, InsideOut seminar)



Sponsorship and Collaborations

Trading Mercator Stories is a FattoriaMediale project funded by:

- Digital Pioneers

- Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst


Trading Mercator Stories was realised with the help and collaboration of:

-Lesley Moore

- Mercatorplein Library

- Stichting Beeher

- Stichting Shivalinge

- HKU students from the InsideOut seminar